Never waste a crises.

I had a good friend tell me, “Never waste a good crisis.” When you step back after recovering from a crisis, you find that fruit is grown from times of radical change. You also see what’s most important. Crises are not just troubling times, but they can be if you keep your head, centering, and adaptive times that push you forward, not pull you back. I heard someone on television say that times of crisis just make what’s already happened, happen more quickly. Read more…

The Ability to "Snap-Back"

The ability to ‘SNAP-Back’

The Ability to "Snap-Back"
When I was a kid, …one of the great toys of the day was “Stretch” Armstrong. What was cool was seeing how far you could stretch him. I remember having Stretch Armstrong competitions. Things got crazy. We did a tug of war with him. We even tied two bikes to stretch via ropes, one to his arms one to his legs. But no matter how hard we pulled, Stretch Armstrong always “snapped” back to his regular shape and size. Read more…