The Ability to "Snap-Back"

The ability to ‘SNAP-Back’

The Ability to "Snap-Back"
When I was a kid, …one of the great toys of the day was “Stretch” Armstrong. What was cool was seeing how far you could stretch him. I remember having Stretch Armstrong competitions. Things got crazy. We did a tug of war with him. We even tied two bikes to stretch via ropes, one to his arms one to his legs. But no matter how hard we pulled, Stretch Armstrong always “snapped” back to his regular shape and size. Read more…

Serenity Now! “Coping with the Coronavirus”

One of the things that I’m hearing in different places from friends, family, and experts is, at times, the weight of the Corna-chaos seems to be very heavy. That makes complete sense to me when you consider all the things people have had to absorb. There was the initial uncertainty and unknown about the Coronavirus. Read more…